Eco Responsibility

At Alma Studio we are concerned about pollution and the future of the next generations. We have values ​​that we consider essential and one of them is environmental sustainability. As a team we have dedicated long hours to find the best solutions and suppliers that allow us to maintain the quality to which we aspire, and that their products are recyclable and respectful with the environment. We want to show that a decoration with personality and style can also contribute to the respect and caring for the environment.

We have decided to work with local companies to reduce the carbon footprint and promote local commerce. If we talk about sustainability, not only recycled papers reduce the carbon footprint; product quality also plays a role. 

The Prints that we offer in Alma Studio are objects with a long useful life. Sustainable decoration also goes through a design that aims for durability and permanence.

The materials we use to produce and ship orders have been carefully selected to reduce our impact on the environment, while ensuring the safety of shipments and that they arrive at their destination in perfect condition.

The sheets are shipped wrapped in tissue paper and inside a recycled cardboard tube, made with recycled cardboard that is 100% recyclable. The lids are made of double corrugated cardboard and joined with firm biodegradable glue.

To seal the tube, we use adhesive tape made from renewable raw material kraft paper, and solvent rubber adhesive mass.

In this way we assure you that all the packaging of your order is completely recyclable and free of plastics.

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