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GUIDE: Decorating a wall with a poster composition

You already have the first piece in your composition. It's framed and ready to be displayed. But... Where?

Universal Guide

As a common practice, paintings are usually hung with their centers at a height of 170 cm from the ground, which places them approximately at eye level for a person. However, this rule should not be strictly followed but rather taken more as a guideline when hanging your artworks.

For example, small-sized artworks, such as those measuring 21x30 cm and 30x40 cm (or even smaller), should be positioned slightly above eye level so they are not overlooked.


On the other hand, large-sized works, such as those measuring 40x50 cm and 50x70 cm, should have their center slightly below this height. This way, a large piece can be properly appreciated, with the center of the artwork directly in front of our eyes.

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Composition Style: Alma Studio

For compositions of 2 or more paintings, we prefer to apply our personal technique, which combines different print formats: vertical, square, and horizontal. This way, we also aim to play with the viewer's visual journey.

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If we combine different formats but the composition consists of a small number of works, we space the paintings 10 to 12 cm apart, using the largest piece as the center of the composition. Then, we use the corners of the chosen piece as "Guides" (the largest one) as new centers for the following paintings.

If intentionally seeking disorder/another order, the paintings can be placed higher or lower; it's not about a literal center. Here is where we recommend arranging the paintings on the floor first, simulating their arrangement on the wall. At this point, we can adjust the distances until we are satisfied with what we see. Subsequently, we take precise measurements of the distances between the centers of the paintings to ensure a balanced arrangement. Finally, we mount the paintings on the wall following the measurements taken, thus creating a visually appealing composition.

Refer to Workshop 02 to continue learning about compositions and discover the best solutions for displaying your paintings.




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