Valentine's Collection 2024.

These prints capture the essence of love with a dash of humor. Share a laugh and a heartfelt moment with your special someone!

New Arrivals

Here, you will uncover our most recent updates.

Winter's icy touch transforms the world into an art of serene beauty.

Artists, inspired by the muted tones, translate the season's enchantment into captivating works. From delicate brushstrokes on canvas and digital art to melodic compositions, winter becomes a muse, inviting creative souls to capture its ephemeral charm through a variety of artistic expressions.

Paintings Collection

Unique canva paintings created with meticulousness, transcend cultural barriers, transforming into visual treasures that enrich our lives, inviting contemplation, triggering emotions and reflections.

Bringing the expertise of designers directly to your doorstep.

Alma Studio transcends the typical creative workshop, evolving into a realm where art and decor seamlessly merge to deliver a one-of-a-kind experiences. Our forte lies in the art of crafting decorative designs into prints and paintings, giving a particular emphasis on enhancing the ambiance of your spaces in a unique way.

With posters from Alma Studio, you can create a stylish interior for your home, office and even Hospitality projects with out seeing your art in everyplace you go. Are one of the kind Limited Collection.

Unique Designs in Fine Art Paper

Our drive is crystal clear: Provide original and exclusive products with a contemporary aesthetic.

We stand out due to our unwavering commitment to quality and excellence in our production process. Each piece leaving our studio is a unique work of art with impeccable finishing. Our posters feature high-quality giclée printing on sustainable fine art paper sourced from sustainable forestry, ensuring the highest quality standards for our art and our paintings are handmade with a lot of love and dedication.

All artwork is created exclusively for and by Alma Studio Barcelona. Prints are just produced on-demand and locally.

Art as a visual expression that transcends words and reveals our deepest essence.