At Alma Studio, environmental sustainability is one of our core values. Our dedication to promoting sustainability and environmental awareness extends to every aspect of our work, from our studio practices to our production processes.


We place a high value on protecting the environment and the communities in which we live and operate. Thus, we've dedicated significant time to find eco-friendly solutions and local suppliers ensuring our materials are recyclable and respectful of the environment while promoting local commerce.


Unlike traditional production methods that create large batches in advance, on-demand printing only produces products when our customer orders them. This significantly reduces the risk of excess inventory that might end up getting discarded, and promotes responsible consumption habits and enabling customers to make environmentally conscious choices.


In sustainable decoration, product quality is paramount. Alma Studio's Prints are built to last, thanks to the top-notch papers and natural pigment inks used by our trusted printing supplier.
+ Fine Art Papers
+ Hand made paintings


We utilize Enhanced Matte Paper weighing 189 gsm for the production of our posters. This acid-free paper is also free from sulfur and lignin, which are organic components in plant fibers that can cause paper to yellow over time if not removed. As a result, our prints remain in as-new condition for many years to come in interior spaces conditions.


Our 100% recyclable Prints packaging includes recycled cardboard tubes for larger works, sealed with eco-friendly kraft paper adhesive tape. Smaller pieces are placed in cardboard envelopes. When disposed of in the appropriate recycling landfill, our packaging either gets recycled or naturally decomposes into non-toxic organic matter within a few years.

Our unpacking experience is unforgettable.