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  • Colors that combine with brown in decoration
    Colors that combine with brown in decoration
    Discover how the color brown can transform your spaces into havens of style and comfort. We'll explore ideas, tips, and trends for incorporating this warm and versatile tone into your home or office.
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  • Avant Basic: The good vibe style
    "Avant Basic" el estilo con "good vibe" | Alma Studio Bcn
    Discover the latest trend in interior design for 2021 - "Avant Basic." Dive into this unique style that combines innovation with simplicity, as explored by Alma Studio.
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  • GUIDE: Create a practical, comfortable and inspiring workspace
    Como armar una zona de trabajo práctica, cómoda y con estilo | Alma Studio Bcn
    Discover the joy of starting your day in a renewed, and inspiring workspace! If you find yourself constantly cleaning and organising your desk, you're not alone. Our blog offers 5 simple tips to transform your home workspace into a small, efficient, and creative haven. Say goodbye to clutter and hello to productivity.
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  • Moving home, brain rebirth
    Cambio de casa, un re-nacer cerebral | Alma Studio Bcn
    Embrace the joy of change! Explore the exhilarating journey from packing boxes to newfound happiness in a blog celebrating the beauty of new beginnings.
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  • GUIDE: Relationship between artwork and furniture
    Relación entre Obras y Mobiliario | Alma Studio Bcn
    Discover essential tips for flawless interior decoration from the start. Avoid common mistakes and ensure your space reflects your style seamlessly. Don't settle for less than perfect—get it right from the beginning.
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  • NEWS! We're changing the paper of our posters
    Cambio de papel en Art Prints | Alma Studio Bcn
    At Alma Studio, our commitment to offering high-quality products is constant. In our Art Prints production, we have adopted Hahnemühle's German Etching paper. As for the inks, there are no changes: we continue to use natural pigments from the same source.
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  • GUIDE: Decorating a wall with a poster composition
    Decorar un muro utilizando una composición de Prints | Alma Studio Bcn
    Find the ideal location to showcase your framed artwork! Explore where to hang your first piece in your composition for a stunning display.
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  • GUIDE: Decorate your wall with 2 artworks
    Decorar un muro utilizando 2 Prints | Alma Studio Bcn
    Transform your wall into a captivating gallery with our expert tips on decorating with two artworks. Explore creative ideas to achieve balance, harmony, and visual interest in your space.
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  • Your old posters vs your current posters
    Tus antiguos posters v/s tus posters actuales | Alma Studio Bcn
    Discover how your bedroom decor evolves from posters of your favorite bands and iconic figures to a more mature and personalised style as you transition through life stages. Explore the positive influence of self-expression and empowerment in shaping your personal space.
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