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GUIDE: Create a practical, comfortable and inspiring workspace

(Because if it's not functional, what would be the point?)

Sometimes, when we arrive at our desk, we find ourselves cleaning the table, removing objects we no longer need, and organising over and over again. If you've experienced something similar, you may have forgotten how rewarding it is to start the day with a renewed, clean, organised, and inspiring space. If you're looking to create a small, efficient, and creative space at home, with these simple 5 tips, it will transform, and perhaps you too.

The basic formula

Putting together a simple and practical desk is easier than you think – you only need 5 items or less! With this amount, you can create a real, solid, and affordable workspace without having to touch your savings or look for additional income to pay for it.

Step 1: A Lamp

Having additional light over or above your desk not only improves your life but also enhances the look of your space. This lighting is especially useful in the mornings or evenings when the room is a bit dark and you need a little more clarity. Functional and stylish, desk lamps are an ideal solution for the home.
In the case of a desk, we recommend choosing a lamp of considerable size, as this not only adds height to the desk but also allows the light to project above our line of sight, rather than being directly in front of our eyes.

Step 2: A Bit of Art!

When it comes to art, there are no limits, so we give you total freedom. Perhaps you want to create a gallery on your wall or simply place a large piece of art. Do what you like most and makes you happy, but we guarantee that adding something framed over or above your desk will give you the personal style you need to stay motivated for 8 hours or even more.

Step 3: A Plant

It may seem like a plant is the least "functional" or "practical" element we can place on our desk compared to a mouse pad or a lamp. However, this beautiful plant will become your best ally, adding life and character to the space, which will eventually become a true necessity (you'll see). Wouldn't you like the place where you spend most of your time to feel comfortable and cozy? Grab that little plant, put it in a pot, and voilà! Instant happiness.

Step 4: Pencil Organizer - Pen Holder

Having quick and easy access to pencils and papers is crucial, so you'll need a place where you can put your five main pencils, markers, sharpies, and post-its. Essential and extremely useful.

Step 5: A Mouse Pad or Desk Mat

Last but not least, there's the mouse pad. Although it may seem insignificant, once you have it, you'll notice the incredible speed and comfort it provides in your movements, giving you greater fluidity in your work. There's nothing like working comfortably.

Now that you've completed the 5 basic steps, if you want to add more items or if you prefer to do without, for example, the mouse pad, go ahead! This is just a basic list to start assembling your desk, so if you're more minimalist or if you have many objects, remember it's your space and your home, do what makes you feel good.

Whether you follow all the steps or not, here are some photos of inspiring desks for you:









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