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NEWS! We're changing the paper of our posters

Always improving, of course.

Starting from scratch

The Fine Art printing process can be applied to a wide range of fine art papers. Printers specialising in this type of printing carefully choose which of these papers they will use in their work. And this is where our choice comes from.


As a result of our growth as a studio, as well as the impacts of the pandemic and feedback from clients and friends, we have made the decision to change the printing paper for our posters. This decision is primarily based on budgetary considerations, as the prices of Epson brand papers have increased significantly.

Decision and Sustainability

We're switching brands. After reviewing the range of the best options available, along with market research, we have finally made a decision. Our top choice, like that of many other artists, is the German Etching paper from the prestigious Hahnemühle brand: A 100% α-cellulose-based support weighing 310 g/m², exclusively used with pigment inks. Its extraordinary texture adds a special touch to prints, making them shine with impressive three-dimensionality and depth. Its premium matte inkjet coating allows for extraordinary printing results with excellent color reproduction and sharpness, deep black color, and stunning contrasts.

German Etching is an acid-free and lignin-free (eco-friendly) paper that meets the most stringent requirements for aging resistance. Thanks to its characteristic touch and texture, this high-volume Museum quality paper is one of the most popular substrates for Fine Art prints and artistic reproductions.




At Alma Studio, our commitment to offering high-quality products is constant. In our Art Prints production, we have adopted Hahnemühle's German Etching paper. As for the inks, there are no changes: we continue to use natural pigments from the same source. This detail remains the same, ensuring the excellence that characterizes us.


Upgrade :) .


German Etching paper


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