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Avant Basic: The good vibe style

The other day, while reading about trends that have emerged and are emerging this year 2021 in some areas like interior design and design in general, amidst reading, watching, reading, watching, I found a style that identified with my home, our home, and identified with the style that Alma Studio embodies, the so-called "Avant Basic."


avant basic@sarashomehaven

Avant Basic 

"Avant Basic" is definitely a contradictory term: "Avant" means original or innovative, and "Basic" in social concept means ordinary and common. But while it's contradictory, I believe there's no more genuine way to describe this style. It's one of those that exudes "good vibes," tends to be immersed in nature creating a vibe that feels "wild." It's all about good vibes and personal expression.

It uses pastel colors, psychedelic patterns, and unique wavy shapes. Pastel colors are often used more in objects than on the walls themselves or tonally throughout a room.


The most used colors are pink, light blue, aqua green, and light brown. Natural-looking wood is an object that will never be too much.


Start with a white base (the "basic" part), then add objects with strange or curious shapes like creative candles that you'll never ignite but love.


avant basic

Textures or psychedelic patterns can be found in rugs, cushions, and art prints. But don't forget, if you're going for the Avant Basic style, avoid using wallpapers or anything too wild on the entire wall. It's all about details, objects, the so-called "pops."

A variation in Avant Basic, not commonly used but very characteristic, is the wavy-shaped mirror or furniture with curious shapes (definitely post-modern lines).

And so, I must say, the best thing about this style is that it makes a big impact for not much money, and the "good vibe" it delivers is definitely a grain of sand to start each day with a smile.


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