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Our Mission

Today's society is very diverse and varied, but at the same time it can be quite repetitive and similar. Being original is not an easy task. We decided to develop a space that invites people to decorate their spaces, appreciating and valuing the exclusive artistic proposals at an affordable and fair price.

We are a digital network of independent artists that offers an innovative experience with exclusive and sustainable design solutions with the purpose of promoting inner beauty.

Passion for art and interior design come together to present an exclusive collection of works made by young artists, photographers and designers, those who work and are inspired by one of the most cosmopolitan and creative cities in the world, united with the passion and energy that the Mediterranean Sea delivers: There is no other city than Barcelona!

These Prints are perfect to achieve unique and original spaces, in addition to supporting local art, as well as the artistic trajectory of these young creators.
Our Prints have a reduced number of 20 reproductions, revaluing these prints, also include their serial number and a dry seal of Alma Studio authenticity, transforming them into unique, elegant, original and exclusive pieces.

We hope you enjoy them as much as we do.


It all started when Damián Castro, Interior Designer with 6 years of experience and Bárbara Fenzo, a free-soul traveler Freelance Graphic Designer, both born in Chile, met again in Barcelona and began to share artistic projects. These ranged from the creation of original custom illustrations, to the sale of exclusive Art Prints that were used to decorate hospitality projects.
After understanding that behind the development of these personal projects, there was a way to include other independent artists with interesting visions and different styles. And that was the right time and opportunity to create a team!

Alma Studio was born here, a place that helps to enhance our work as well as other emerging artists who dream of expanding the arms of their art , thus promoting and sharing their vision of the world.