Selected Work


The Hilton Canopy Hotel has been meticulously designed to appeal to individuals with a keen aesthetic sensibility and a taste for affordable luxury.


The project encompasses 65 prints, each created around motifs inspired by "La Movida Madrileña", the city of Madrid, and its delectable local cuisine. To manage the considerable volume of designs within a tight timeline, we partnered with four skilled independent artists to create the illustrations. Each artist was assigned a theme, size, and color palette in alignment with the project. Furthermore, for the common areas, we designed 9 impressive large-format paintings.


For the illustrations, we've embraced a figurative style, featuring iconic and influential figures from the movement. This includes celebrated artists, musical bands, urban tribes, and emblematic places in Madrid that have made a lasting impact on society. Notable examples include Rossy de Palma, Carmen Maura, Sala Rock Ola, Leesepe, Pedro Almodóvar, Alaska, Barrio Malasaña, Penélope Cruz, Los Glam, and many more.

The paintings were meticulously designed following a specific color palette delivered by the Jaime Beriestain Studio and showcasing abstract figures rather than figurative representations.

Architecture & Interior Design by Jaime Beriestain Studio