Selected Project




The "Secrets by Farga" restaurant chain is dedicated to serving health-conscious cuisine, featuring well-balanced dishes presented with meticulous attention to aesthetics catering to an audience that values mindful dining and a delightful atmosphere.


The project consists of three walls and a total of 20 printed illustrated plates, which include both designs previously used in other venues and new designs. Furthermore, we partnered with photographer Jonathan Ristagno to use four captivating still lifes photographies showcasing fruits and vegetables.


Drawing inspiration from diverse forms of illustration, we craft various graphic styles aligning with the brand concept. Our designs incorporate green themes, emphasizing vegetables, greens, and healthy proteins, along with depictions of characters savoring the joy of dining.

These illustrations predominantly feature figurative elements, sharing a cohesive aesthetic and distinguished by their vibrant color palette. Each artwork visually captures food elements and products in a captivating manner.

Architecture & Interior design by Jaime Beriestain Studio